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  • Z Brush Review

    Every now and then a program pops up on the radar screen which simply wont fit into any easy classification, and this is one of them. Let me say at the outset that this program probably has nothing for someone simply interested in restoration. However, for those whose interests also extend to other forms of digital art, this program is a must try. First, you can download and register for a temporary license which gives you a full featured look and use of it. Nice. What does it do? Simply, 2d, 2.5d and 3d painting, drawing, sculpting--its simply awesome. The learning curve is challenging but not extreme.I found Bryce 4 to be somewhat more difficult. You will want to download the manual and go thru it fairly carefully as there are features like layers, lighting and so on which work differently than their counterparts in image editing programs do. Included in the program are animated script tutorials which are really unique and helpful. To give a detailed account of what this program can do would take more time to write up than I have, not to mention lots of space; it's enought to say that if you are interested in 3d creation , painting, creating backgrounds or just plain fun, check this out. While not cheap, this little jewel will amaze you, and is worth every penny. go here for more details: ; see attached image for example of what can be done by an untalented oaf (me). Tom

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    oooooh skeery, tom. but pretty too.

    how long have you had it? (you did buy it, right?) sounds like fun. can't afford in time or $ just now, but enjoyed the review and critter. but it reminded me a little of an octopus and there is no scarier creature to me. but more like a snail, and a little like a cowpie. but blue.
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      Kathleen, I've been playing with it for about 2 weeks and decided to buy it as not only is it fun, you can import psd documents as in photos into the program. Exactly what can be done with them once imported, I dont know yet but it looks promising (perhaps). I'm not sure exactly what it's suppost to be, but I like your description !!! Tom


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        It looks like alot of fun but I know it will stay on my "dream list" and never hit my reallity list. Wow is it pricey and that is at the 50% discount. Bummer
        Good review though.


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