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    I have been using Google Toolbar for quite a while now and I have loved it....they just came out with a new version and I LOVE IT even more. The new version has some added features that work very nicely. They include autofill and a popup blocker. If you are interested you can download it here.


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    Ken -- me, too! Love it!.

    The pop-up blocker has blocked almost 2000 pop-ups so far and most of those were just visiting CNN and a few other news sites.


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      I really like the fact you can allow popups on a site by site basis.
      I used to have another popup blocking software installed, the name escapes me, but anyways, everytime it blocked an ad it popped up another window telling me that so I figured whats the difference and deleted it.

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        another alternative if youd like is mozilla's firebird.
        it's a pretty awesome free browser with pop up blocking that comes with it. it also has tabbed browsing (open multiple windows in tabs in one mozilla window) and mouse gestures(allows easy navigation by clicking the mouse and moving it in certain directions) for it. it also has a search window next to the address bar where you could enter keywords for quick searches, or if you type "g photoshop" into the address it searchs google for photoshop, or "dict whatever" it gives you the dictionary definition of "whatever", lots of quick shortcuts. check it out if you have the time


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          google bar's popup blocker was allegedly "stolen" from the interesting people at, makers of an entertaining browser bar.

          edit: I can splell.. rleally I can
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            I've been using the Google bar for quite a while too, and I LOVE it!


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              Originally posted by hizaam
              google bar's popup blocker was allegedly "stolen" from the interesting people at, makers of an entertaining browser bar.
              Just to clarify, the toolbar that Hizaam refers to can be found at:

              I haven't tried it, but it looks interesting.



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