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Photoshop 7 is acting up

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  • Photoshop 7 is acting up

    Hi to All,
    I'm struggling with Photoshop 7. I have PS 7 on two disks, borrowed one from my friend, got a new computer (not because of that) but it keeps happening and it's very frustrating. Pixels shift. I don't know how to explain this right but it happens whenever I press the mouse down. When I use Levels, Curves, any brush, clone tool, almost anything, the moment I press the mouse, the pixels (and they really become visible, as if they get magnified all of a sudden) that are being affected by the tool or command shift a little. I can use PS6 but there are Healing Brush and Patch Tool that I need the most and I have to switch all the time doing everything and struggling, almost not being able to see what I'm doing because of that shift in PS7 and the final touchup in PS6. First I thought it happened because I had 2 programs, so I uninstalled, reinstalled, borrowed from others, etc., it keeps happening no matter what. I kind of got used to it but still wondering what it is.

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    If you are using Levels or Curves AND also pressing down on the Control/Command key AND the space bar, you will access the Zoom command by pressing your mouse -- is ZOOMING in what you're referring to when you talk about the "pixel shift" and the pixel magnification. Your image will tell you at what magnification level you're at -- 66.7%, 100%.

    Otherwise, I'm clueless as to what is happening to you. You mention have 2 disks for Photoshop -- did you get these from a friend, or did you get one CD for the installation of the program? If it's someone's copy -- there may be some glitches in the program.