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Windows XP slideshow??

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  • Windows XP slideshow??

    Here's the deal. At our family reunion a couple of weeks ago, I transferred the images from 6 different digital cameras to the hard drive on my iBook. I have posted them (in tiny size) to a web site so everyone can see them.

    Now people are wanting to print the pictures - poor quality at best.

    I'm going to burn the originals to CD and send them out.

    On my Mac, I have an endless variety of apps with which to view jpg's.

    Is there something available - out of the box - on WinXP and Win9n that will view the jpg's or do I need to include a "viewer" app on the cd??

    Thanks Margaret

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    Don't worry about it Margaret. Windows XP and previous versions have a viewer.



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      Windows XP has a viewer built in. All they need to do is double click on a jpg. It has back/next buttons to step through the images. What it will not do it rotate portrait aspect images to be right side up automatically. There is a button to do this manually on the viewer however.

      This is new to XP - but is standard.


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        Thanks for the info - I'll get busy and burn some CD's



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          I've been fooling around with making slideshows using WindowsMovieMaker which comes with WinXP. It's hidden under Programs>Accessories". I downloaded the latest version WMM2 from the microsoft site( free download) and I'm really quite pleased with what I'm accomplishing thus far. To be fair, it's only something that only a mother can love's all new to me and even my husband who doesn't impress easily was very impressed. My biggest coup was incorporating some video clips that I made with with my digital camera into my production.

          I really don't want to get into working with video bigtime right now but what I do like is that when you use video software you can use transitions and audio to add interest to your productions.

          It's an entirely new area to explore and there are several good sites out there which are helpful. Alot to learn!



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            Just noticed you use imac-scratch the WMM. You must have something similar on your imac to WMM.


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              Thanks for the info about WMM anyway, my sis uses XP and I can pass that along to her and she can make her own slideshow after she gets the CD from me with the images on it.

              Take care, Margaret


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