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GIMP 2.10.0 is now released.

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  • GIMP 2.10.0 is now released.

    Literally years in the making. Below's my assessment that I posted elsewhere already.

    OK; am using samj's portable version(s) which allows me to keep 2.8.22 intact. GIMP 2.10.00 no longer supports Mathmap period (either 32-bit or 64-bit). PSPI still works but only in 32-bit version of GIMP. User filter still works (don't have a 32-bit version; only have 64-bit) in 64-bit GIMP 2.10x. Both Partha and samj's portable version support G'MIC, but, G'MIC has recently been recompiled to support GIMP 2.10.0. Cool too that G'MIC passes higher bit depth back to GIMP 2.10x if you are using higher bit-depth editing. Someone at GIMPChat even showed me how to enable n-point deformation and I'm stoked about that feature (but it will crash my system if the resolution target is too high, so it's now really just a toy. lol). My feelings about GIMP is mixed since I do a lot of renders using Mathmap and I hope Mathmap eventually gets compiled to work with GIMP. As for PSPI, it's really more of a convenience that a needed plugin since Shellout still works so you can use an external program as a surrogate Photoshop plugin engine and you still can get filter factory plugins to work via User filter. Anyway, that's my assessment thus far of GIMP 2.10.00. Hope the developers decide to back-port 32-bit pluigns like they did for GIMP 2.8x.
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