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Free contact sheet maker (Mac)


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  • Free contact sheet maker (Mac)

    I don't do this often but I needed to make contact sheets out of many folders of an image project I recently finished, to present a PDF of the contents.

    Adobe's Contact Sheet II results didn't look good to me (maybe I didn't try hard enough), but I found this free utility from 2008 that still runs under macOS Sierra at least: ContactSheetMaker.

    Attached is a screenshot and a sample sheet I made with it, saved out as JPEG. You have full control over the output.

    Attached Files
    ContactSheetMaker 1.0.1 - Create a contact sheet image from a folder (or folders) of images. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate
    DISCOUNTED plug-ins, FREE digital imaging ezine archive and PHOTO BLOG: