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Software for amateur with professional results?

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  • Software for amateur with professional results?

    Hello guys,

    what easy to use software to retouch and edit for amateur use with professional results can you suggest me to try? Both on Windows OS and Android

    With easy to use I mean to click one button and then adjust the blur background, smooth, acne, teeth whitening, eye brightening etc, without selecting the interested area with lots of clicks and hours spend editing.


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    NCH Software is an Australian company that offers a variety of products. They have a photo editing package that you can get a free version of. The "pay for" version is not expensive. I have not used their photo editing package, but have used others that are very easy to use. They have an excellent billing package if anyone is interested.


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      GIMP is free and is always worth putting the time and effort into learning. But of course, Photoshop is the industry standard even if it takes a long time to learn.


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