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Ft Pattern Suppressor on MacOS arm64

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  • Ft Pattern Suppressor on MacOS arm64


    I'm experiencing the same "The command Filter is not currently available." as others have reported in the forum. In Photoshop's System Information I see that I'm running: Adobe Photoshop: 22.5.0 20210809.r.384 ce617de arm64. Toward the bottom of the system information, I can see that the six plugins are not getting loaded. I believe I have followed all of the regular advice: verified I'm using the *.plugin files, putting them in the right place, restarting Photoshop. I understand that using 64bit Photoshop is a requirement - and that native support for Photoshop on Mac with ARM processors is fairly recent. Is this a known issue with the arm64 version of Photoshop? Is there anything else I could try to get the plugins to work? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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