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What is MrSID image viewer??

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  • What is MrSID image viewer??

    One of my XP using friends is trying to read old census documents that have been scanned and stored so as to be accessible over the net. The problem is that most of the records are probably in bad condition in their original state and scanning them did nothing to improve readability.

    The website where she gets these documents suggested she download the MrSID plug-in to improve viewing.

    Needless to say, when she downloaded and installed MrSID and tried to use it she got something.dll is missing.

    I'd like to help her, but I've never heard of MrSID and don't know where to begin.

    Once I know what MrSID is I'll be able to figure it out.

    Thanks, Margaret

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    I don't know much - MrSID is a Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database and I believe it comes from LizardTech (the people behind Genuine Fractals). But I've just checked the LizardTech website and can't find anything about it there. I believe it's used a lot for map data and integrates well with most GIS packages, so you see it mentioned a lot in that context. And there you have my complete brain-dump on the subject...


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      Thanks Leah - that's about all I could find when I searched too so I thought I was way off track when I kept finding it associated with NASA maps and stuff - you have reassured me.

      I didn't see what my friend was doing on her computer, I'll check it out tomorrow and see if I can find a viewer for her.

      Take care, Margaret


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        It might have been the websight -- they use the MrSID plugin. I used it successfully a year ago when I was a member, but I'm still running Win98SE. -- plugin

        XP is not listed as supporting the plug-in -- maybe she can use another computer with another OS?

        There are some messages that mention problems with MAC or XP use, i.e. --
        problem with MrSID

        probs with plugin

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          Thanks CJ - yes she is doing geneology research so it probably is

          I will pass along the links you sent.

          I knew you guys would have the answer



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