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    Has anyone seen this wicked new photo album software? I have been hunting for a long time, and I'm so thrilled with this find, I'd like to share it with you guys.
    It's called Aephid Photokeeper. Check it out at

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    Thanks for the link, it looks like an interesting little number. How does it work for you? Is it reliable, any little "bugs" etc.? From what I read about it it looks Real good.Be interested to hear more about the "particulars". Thanks-- Tom


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      Thanks for the great link. That looks like it has a real potential for the Photo restorers market. I can see why you like it. I will have to do some more studying of all it can do but on a quick look, I liked what I saw. Hey if you get it, let us know what your experiences with it are. We's love to know more from someone who has it.
      Also, welcome to the site and glad you joined in with this great thread.


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        I have just purchased it and it is actually very stable! What's really cool is it's memory management features---it keeps loading images on my albums in the background, which is awesome cause i have a large amount of ram but a fairly slow processor. These guys also give you same day or even better support!



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          Oh Goodie a new toy

          Now that you got it, you will have to give us a run down on it's features you liked best and what possibilities you have in mind for it. Also, are you running it on a Mac or PC? Let us know how user friendly it is also.
          I checked out the site and for $50 personal license it seems like a good deal. I liked the feature of being able to burn an autoruning CD. In photo restoration, it ads a new service of putting a family album together with music. It may go on my Christmas list.


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            DJ Dubovsky,

            you're really gonna have to download the trial version and see for yourself i'm too busy making albums of some of my photo collections...

            the one feature though that i'm waiting for is being able to put an entire album into a single large self running file, and they tell me that that will be coming too...



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