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  • Upgrade from educational version

    What are the chances that I'd be able to upgrade from PS 6 (educational) to PS cs??

    Macintosh version.

    Thanks, Margaret

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    I don't know about 6 to CS; but, I upgraded from Educational 6 to 7 with no problem. I believe you just can't upgrade LE versions to "full" versions.



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      A few years ago, I visited my Mother and she invited me to have a look in her hall closet. When I opened the door, I found a lovely (and expensive) new winter coat. I was surprised because Mom had always put her family first and NEVER bought anything expensive for herself.

      Mom grinned and explained that the new coat was her Christmas gift to all of us - instead of buying for us this year, she treated herself. We were all delighted!!!

      My question now is, how do I spring it on my family that instead of buying them gifts this Christmas, I'm buying PhotoShop CS for myself



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        My question now is, how do I spring it on my family that instead of buying them gifts this Christmas, I'm buying PhotoShop CS for myself -- Margaret

        I also upgraded from an educational version to the full version when I went from 6 to 7.


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          Margaret, I have been upgrading from an ED version since 4.0. Can't imagine CS will be any different. As for the Chritmas gift, if you have been good Santa will know and will work it out. Trust in him.


          PS If I run into Santa I'll put in a good word for you.


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            Does the Easter bunny have Santa's phone number??

            Just in case Santa doesn't have the means this year, I'm going to pawn my old iMac...



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              Sorry Margaret but his number is unlisted. He does have a mailing address though. Not sure of the zip but its in the North Pole I believe. We do run into each other at events during the year so I'll tell him your concerns.



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