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    Hi.....I'm going from an old Mac running OS 8.5 to purchasing a new P4 PC running WinXP Home. I'm looking for Screen Shot Software for WinXP and need some help choosing one. On the Mac when taking a rectangular screen shot of a portion of the screen I used the "command/shift/4" keys and dragged the area with the mouse to take a shot of the portion of the screen...simple.
    I was wondering if there is a simple Software program for WinXP to run in the background while surfing the web, that will let me take a screen shot of any portion of the screen, that will send that image to a predefined folder to hold a number of screen shots. Then I can access that folder when off line to open those screen shots in PSD7 or, run in a slide show program. That is all I want the Screen Shot Program to do. Would prefer a program like that which included an easy slide show with it, but, that doesn't matter. Is there a program that you know of that will simply let me do that in WinXP? Can you tell me the name of the program and where I can purchase it?
    Thank you for any help with this,

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    bobkny try this site they offer a free screen capture I think is really good. it's called M SNAP

    Mirek's Free Software: Cellular Automata, Windows and Palm freeware


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      Hi Don........Thank you Very Much for the info about MSnap and thr URL. I'm going to look into it!!!!
      Thank you very much Don


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        A freeware screen cap link (there is also a shareware page):

        Freeware Screenshot Capture . Capture all or part of your desktop, application interfaces and more.

        Also check for more downloads.

        While on the general topic of screen caps:


        Stephen Marsh.


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          I'm a big fan of SnagIt, which allows you to select exactly the part of the screen you are copying.



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            Hi Scott,
            I will look into the Snagit site and see what they have to offer. I appreciate the info.
            Thank you,


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              Hi Stephen,
              I will check out the 2 freeware sites and thanks a lot for the links to the screen caps info sites too!!! That will help me a lot. I really appreciate all the info!!!!!!


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                Screen shot and more

                Might want to look into a FREE program called Irfanview, whcih is availabe here...

                It does screen shot capture...and simple slideshows, and webpages, and batch conversions, and batch resizes, and......

                A pretty nifty little "tool" for PC photo folks.


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                  Hi Mr. Pickles,
                  Thanks a lot for the URL for Irfanview!!!!!! I checked out the site, and it looks pretty cool!!!!!!!!
                  I really appreciate your help!!!!!!


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