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putting filename on print in PS??

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  • putting filename on print in PS??

    I'm trying to figure out a simple way of putting the filename on prints in Photoshop. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    What version do you have?
    If you have version 7, you can get the scripting plugin. I have a script I can post that will do this for you.

    You can also create a special picture package that will do this.


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      putting filename on print

      I have PS 7.01 Vikki. I have a picture package template that puts (4) 2.5 x 3.5 prints on a 5x7 print, but it does not put the filename on it. If you could help me with both of your suggestions that would be wonderful. I'm really suprised that somebody has come up with a solution already! thanks so much!

      my email is [email protected]


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        Just a quick note:
        You can add the file name by using the "Label" feature located on the bottom half of the Picture Package dialog box. Next to the "Content" box, scroll for different options.

        Picture Package has several other size layouts.
        Have you checked out the list under the "Layouts" box?

        I will try to post an 8x10 layout later today.
        Do you have the "scripting" plugin installed?


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          I don't know if I have the scripting plugin installed Vikki. How can I tell? Sorry for being so naive...

          What I really want to do is to put 4 wallets size prints (all different prints) on a 5x7 with their filename on each print. I've been watching Russell Brown's quicktime movie on how to use an action and put four different prints on one page, but it didn't have anything in it about putting the filename on it.


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            Here's a tutorial you might like
            Picture Package tutorial


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              All you have to do is start the Picture package and select the options:
              Page Size: 8x10
              Layout: (8)2.5x3.5
              Resolution: 300

              It will put 8 duplicates of your image on the page.
              Just click on one of the 8 images and a dialog box will open, then you can go to any directory and select any image to replace the one that's in that spot in the Picture package.
              You can do this for each of the 8 images.

              Move further down and select these options:
              Caption: Filename

              You can take it from there.....


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                Thanks Vikki. I tried it and it works great! I just need to explore all the features of PS THOROUGHLY! The tutorial really was nice.

                Thanks again,



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                  Glad to hear!!


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