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  • Freeware Image Analyzer

    This is freeware, but requires more brainpower than I have.

    Examples here
    Download here

    Among the things its said to do:

    Restoration by deconvolution
    This feature will allow advanced reconstruction of blurred images.

    Adaptive noise removal can remove high-frequency noise from most images.

    Texture synthesis is a tool for generating textures from a sample or filling holes in an image.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Thanks for this post. I downloaded the software and used the deconvolution here.

    It seemed to help.



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      Thanks for the link Doug.

      This is such a good little program that I thought this thread deserved a bump.



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        Thanks for the bump.

        That's quite a piece of work. I sorta feel as though I should be wearing a lab coat to use it.



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          that's a great find. have already used it on one image. the sharpen/smooth tool alone is worth the price of admission. and so far, the texture adding thing wont accept even the smallest values, so have to do some study on that one. most of it shld be fairly easy if you know ps or psp or the gimp. and some, well, more play is needed yet.

          also, check around on their pages. there are plugins for this thing!



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            Darn! Windows only as far as I can tell...


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              Sheesh! Looks like I'm going to have to write ANOTHER FFT tutorial.
              The FFT filter is very interesting - almost in real time, and only half the stars.

              The program doesn't have the bells and whistles of PS and PSP tp make it more user friendly - no masks, no layers etc....

              But at this price who's to complain!


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                Has anybody else tried using Discrete Cosine Transform on paper texture?



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                  I’ve used the Frequency Domain Filter and it’s great. The preview means you can see the effects as you work.

                  I really don’t know what the Discreet Cosine Transform is used for (It looks similar). But you have to save this as a MAP file to work on it I think.



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                    Originally posted by Cameraken
                    I’ve used the Frequency Domain Filter and it’s great. The preview means you can see the effects as you work.

                    I really don’t know what the Discreet Cosine Transform is used for (It looks similar). But you have to save this as a MAP file to work on it I think.

                    I was experimenting with the FFT filter which was working pretty well except that it left some bands of unwanted texture top & bottom. Out of curiosity I ran the discrete cosine transform (having no idea what it was) I got a cluster of dots in the upper left-hand corner and a few scattered elsewhere. What the heck - I erased the errant dots, inverse transformed and -voila! Darn near perfect. To use it with PS I think you have to convert your image to L*a*b, copy the lightness channel, paste that into Image Analyzer, run the transform on it, then select Map>Make Image (I think that's what it says) then copy & paste the result back into the lightness channel in PS.
                    It seems to work pretty well but it's reeeeeeaaaaaal sloooooooooooow.


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                      I think its going to take us a while to work through all the features of this great little program. I’ll keep posting tips as I find them.

                      Here is a start.

                      Meesoft gives away several programs apart from Image Analyzer

                      Image Analyzer
                      Popims Animator
                      Diagram Designer
                      Log Paper
                      HTML Optimizier

                      They are all available here

                      There is also a support forum for each here

                      There are some plug-in’s available for Image Analyzer

                      Microscopic imaging
                      3D modeling
                      Batch processing
                      Fractal interpolation
                      TIFF reader
                      Extended JPEG import
                      Profile line
                      PCA Color Stretch
                      Developers' information

                      They are available here

                      More to follow.



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                        I have joined the Image Analyser Forum so I can post questions there. If anyone wants to make any suggestions or Bug reports for updates in future versions you could post them here and I will group them together to post on their Forum.

                        If there is enough interest I could invite Michael Vinther who is the software developer to post here.

                        If anyone is interested in learning more about this stuff there is a good ebook here.

                        I have (so far) only concentrated on the FFT bit and found this

                        Press P to preview while in FFT
                        Arrow UP/Down to adjust Pen Size
                        Press the Left Mouse Button to draw a line and the Right mouse Button to draw a Dot.
                        Space / Enter = OK

                        There seems to be NO Undo. This will be my first suggestion for the next version (Unless someone has found one)

                        The view Scale is a little confusing. The FFT Expands but the Painted stars Don’t?

                        There is no more info at Meesoft. (I have read nearly all the posts.)

                        I believe that if you have a three button mouse (I don’t) there are more features available. Perhaps if you have a three button mouse you could post what you find.

                        Beware of typing stupid things into the calculator (Help > Expression Evaluator) The program can crash and you loose your work.



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                          Hi Everyone

                          Just a note to mention that Version 1.25 is now available.

                          There is also some interesting discussion on the resizing methods here

                          And Here.



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                            I will have to look at this as it seems every candidate I get for FFT seems to only improve slightly, and never offers up clear star patterns this may help in those we shall see.


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                              Wow Adaptive noise reduction worked great, I tried FFT did not see much change, the I did an adaptive noise reduction and the pattern was gone. Very sweet.


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