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  • Got Photoshop CS?

    It's a bit soon, since it just started shipping this past week, but I'm curious how many have gotten (or will get) Photoshop CS.
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    It's on order!


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      I see no compelling rush to jump onto the bandwagon.

      I'm holding out until after the holiday gift rush. It's my bet (perhaps a foolish one) that after the first of the year discounts/rebates will start showing up through Amazon (or the like) like the ones that came shortly after PS7 was announced. (Hey, $50 is $50.)

      Even if 8.01 isn't available by year end, the major bugs/annoyances will have been identified and workarounds published.



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        This is the most attractive upgrade I've seen. So it would take some major bad news about it eating people's computers and furniture to keep me from buying it. But I tend to put off buying things, so that's what I'm doing now.


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          A couple of people in Canada I know have got hold of it in the past few days.


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            I’ve had mine since Thursday.


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                I am not going to purchase the upgrade yet. I currently use 7.0.1. I have done research on the system requirements and decided that CE (A silly upgrade name) would require me to purchase a brand new Mac. The biggest hurdle is the OSX requirement for CE.

                I'm using an ancient Blue & white G3 with souped up RAM and hard drive (OS 9.1). So far, I'm still able to service my clients without a a problem.

                Since I am the sole breadwinner in the household, I cannot afford to put down $2,000+ for a new mac, CE, those pesky peripherals and other things at this time. However, I am currently saving for that kind of purchase. God-willing, I'll do it within the next 7 months.

                However, if I had the money, I would have upgraded immediately.


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                  Got mine today, first impressions are quite encouraging. Obviously not had time to try out the new features yet, but as soon as i do, i'll post my opinions of them here.


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                    Got mine today.


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                      I have the new version and I'm quite happy with it. I'm still a beginner but I have enjoyed learning Photo Shop ver7 and now the CE bundle.


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                        Have had mine for a couple weeks. Loaded it at our studio on an XP machine and tried to use Liquify - it didn't update the layer as I painted, and I havn't figured out why yet ... so we have been using 7 until we have more time to play with it.

                        Tried to load the upgrade at home and discovered that Windows 98 wasn't good enough (XP or 200 required). Tried to upgrade to XP and discovered that the BIOS on my motherboard isn't listed as compatible on the Intel site, the SCSI BIOS upgrade I couldn't figure out, it requires flash bios which didn't work when I ran it and the video card is a graphics gaming card which doesnt have an upgrade - so home will wait for a new computer.



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                          skipping this new 'upgrade' - has nothing I need. not worth it IMHO.

                          Had a copy of it about 6 months when it was in 'beta'.


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                            I would like to get the upgrade but I am afraid I'd lose compatibility with all of my plug-ins and large collection of actions. I'll at least wait to see what the comments are on compatibility with my software is.

                            I really don't have time to learn anything else either. So I'll wait and see.


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