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PS version CS.....window/arrange/tile?

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  • PS version CS.....window/arrange/tile?

    I hope somebody can help me solve a very annoying thing in PS PS 7.0 when you had a couple of files open in PS and went up to window/arrange/tile it put them side by side. In PS CS, it puts them horizontally, one above the other which is annoying for me given how long I have worked with it the other way. It just seems like I work better with images side by side. I look in preferences and other places and can't find where there may be a toggle where you can change it. Anybody know how to do it? Thanks again!

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    I have Photoshop CS also. I went to window/arrange/tile and it put them side by side? Actually it put two on top and two on bottom side by side for 4 pictures. I'll look around and see if I can figure out why yours isn't...maybe I can help ya find it.


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      Adobe has been getting a lot of grief about this, and admits its a bug that will be addressed in the first update.
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