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  • Photoshop CS and Plugins/etc.

    How do I move all my plugins, actions, etc. over. So far, the plug-ins don't seem to want to move, even those which didn't previously with new versions require a new installation? And what's this "legasy" thing--do I need it. Do I NOT use my Photoshop 7 number, but instead my Photoshop 5 number?


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    RE: Plugins
    I'm assuming you installed 3rd party plugins in the Photoshop \plug-ins folder. Here's a better way that will save you some hassle down the road.

    Create a new folder for them, e.g., \chon_plug-ins, and drag them into this folder.

    Among the CS preferences is one where you can specify a user plug-ins folder. Point it to \chon_plug-ins.

    Shutdown/startup CS and your plugins will be available as usual.

    Try each plugin. For any that don't work, you will need to reinstall the plugin into \chon_plug-ins from the CD or whatever the original source.

    Why do it this way? When you upgrade to Photoshop 9 or 10 or whatever, all you will need to do is populate the preferences specification for the new plug-in folder created above. No more moving them about or reinstallations. Just remember to install all future plugins in \chon_plug-ins.

    - - - - - - -

    RE: Actions

    There are a couple ways to do this. Here's the most straight forward.

    In your old PS click on (highlight) an Action Set (note: Action Set [folder], not individual action), and, from the Actions Palette Menu, choose Save Actions... (put the sets somewhere convenient, like a folder on your desktop). Repeat for all Action Sets in the Actions Palette.

    When all Action Sets are saved to your hard disk, open CS and chose Load Actions... from the Actions Palette Menu. Select the first .atn file saved from the old PS and click OK. This will load it into CS. Repeat until all .atn files are loaded into CS.



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      Thanks Danny; I'll work through it. But it's interesting. When I put some old plugins in, I sometimes get a message saying they can't find some *.dll, and PS doesn't open till I say OK.

      btw: do you happen to have the answer to my other post, a couple of ones earlier?



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        No problem...glad to help when I can.

        RE: Isolating the "can't find .dll" plug-in...
        * Try each of the plugins from the Filter menu (or wherever you launch them from)
        * Somewhere along the line one should fail
        * If so, that's one that will need to be reinstalled from the CD

        If by chance they all work by selecting them from the menu...
        * Close PS
        * Drag one plugin out of \new plugins
        * Start PS
        * If error message comes up again, repeat previous 3 steps until it the message stops displaying on PS startup at which time you'll know the last plugin you removed was the one that needs to be reinstalled.

        BTW: If you have any plugins from Extensis, those are ones I check first. Seems to me they have .dll files.

        - - - - - - -

        RE: Your question about the Browser.
        Sorry... that's an area with which I'm not familiar, hence no .02 on that one!



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          A couple more tips.

          1. Make sure you uninstall the plugin before you reinstall

          2. Photoshop can find plugins via shortcuts. So if you wan't to run a plugin in CS that is sitting in the PS 7 plugin folder, drag a shortcut to its main file into the Photoshop CS plugin folder. Do NOT drag a shortcut to the entire PS 7 plugin folder. This will result in duplicate plugins showing on your menu.


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