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  • Doug Nelson
    Thanks for all the information. It was actually a review of MS Plus Digital Media Edition that got me thinking about this.

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  • T Paul
    Ken Burns Effect - Pan & Scan

    What is the Ken Burns Effect? We have seen it a thousand time on TV. A still photograph is displayed and often while a narrator does a voice over we see the picture slowly enlarge as it zooms in on some aspect of the photo. This technique is called a 'Pan and Scan'.
    The Ken Burns Effect

    Here are a few more:

    iMovie - Ken Burns' Effect is actually part of the program
    Moving Picture
    Final Cut Pro (FCP)
    Still Life
    Photo to Movie
    Stillmotion Creator
    Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition
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  • CJ Swartz
    I haven't used this myself, yet, but doing a Google group search, found some recommendations for these in the newsgroup.

    Memories on TV 2.0

    Tutorial for Ken Burns effects using Memories on TV software

    Quotes from the newsgroup about two other programs --
    <Imaginate is an excellent program that gives complete control over digital stills, varying zoom, pan and even perspective. You can also apply curves to pan and zoom paths, as well as vary speeds. This one does it all.>
    > 321 Studio's "DVD X Show" does the same for a lot less. >
    > Imaginate is phenomenally over priced considering that you cannot lay down a sound track on it and DVDX Show requires a DVD burner, it doesn't burn VCD unfortunately otherwise I'd go for it.>
    DVD X Show - $39.99 List

    Imaginate Software - $199 List
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  • Doug Nelson
    started a topic Ken Burns software

    Ken Burns software

    I'm wondering what software options there are for the Ken Burns' style of moviemaking (ie: slow pans and fades of still photographs). My first inclination would be Adobe Premier, but I wonder if that wouldn't be gross overkill.

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    Nik Software swallowed by Google
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    Organizer software
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    Morphing Software
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