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Batch Raw conversions in PS CS

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  • Batch Raw conversions in PS CS

    I've been toying with Photoshop CS trying to see if it may be a possible alternative to Canon's File Viewer for me to edit & compress raw files to tiffs. Thus far, Canon's program has proven to be rather effective, and being able to do all the adjustments then converting the files at the end is very convenient for me.

    I was wondering if anyone has developed any actions/methods of dealing with raw files in PS that they believe to be fast and effective...
    What I have come up with so far is I created a simple action that saves the open file as a tiff in the same directory, then i select the raw files in the file browser, run that action on the files as a batch, then one by one they pop up, i adjust the exposure or shadows, and hit ok, at the end they all save as tiffs. Has anyone done something similiar to this?