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Please help-change the Pen Tool in PS CS

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  • DebbyAbrahams
    Thanks to both of you for replying--Actually, what I want is to be able to duplicate the Photoshop 4 command structure as outlined in my first post. Using that structure, I can draw lines and manipulate nodes with one hand, while resting my hand near the ALT and Ctrl keys. When the pen tool is set to "direct select", the press of the key combinations gives me the two tools I need; release of the keys returns me to the direct select tool.

    Since much of my Photoshop use involves slapping a clipping path around a hard-edged object, this Photoshop 4 command structure was far and away the most efficient. I don't want to have to move my hand all around the keyboard to access the tools, and I don't want to have to remember which tools to switch to.

    With direct select tool:
    Click on node moves node.
    Click on curve shapes curve

    With Direct Select tool + ctrl
    Click on node changes type of node (smooth, cusp, straight)

    With Direct Select tool + Ctrl + Alt:
    Click on line to add node
    Click on node to delete node

    Again, thanks for your assistance.

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  • DannyRaphael
    CS: Assigning shortcuts to tools


    In a nutshell, YES! See following Q/A with Kent.

    - - - - - - -

    RE: CS Pen tool
    On the flyout menu for this tool are a couple more options: Freeform Pen tool, Add a
    point, delete a point, convert a point.

    Q: For any of these tools can you assign one of the new shortcuts in CS? (I know you can assign shortcuts to menu commands, but don't know about "tools.")


    - - - —

    A: Yes, you can assign a new shortcut for all options on the pen tool, in fact, on _all_ tools in the tools palette and all options of each tool.


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  • DannyRaphael

    I don't have CS, but I do have PS7. I was trying to automate the selection of these functions by defining tool presets to them and assigning an action to the preset.

    I was able to do this for the (vanilla) Pen tool and the Freeform Pen tool, but not the rest of the options since the create new preset was disabled for them.

    Although CS can assign keyboard shortcuts to any menu command (as I understand it), it will be interesting to see if this is possible. I've got a buddy who has CS. I'll see if he's able to do it.

    Ultimately, you want to be able to do something like press F8, F9, F10, F11 to enable these tools vs. digging them out via the Tools palette, right?


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  • DebbyAbrahams
    started a topic Please help-change the Pen Tool in PS CS

    Please help-change the Pen Tool in PS CS

    I've had this post over on the Adobe website for two weeks, but no one has answered, so if anyone in this intelligent, responsive news group can help, please let me know

    The following is how the Pen Tool works in Photoshop 4, and what I wish to duplicate in Photoshop CS.

    I select the Direct Selection Tool by pressing "p" enough times to cycle through the pen tool options. I hold down CTRL+Alt to get the add/subtract point tool; or I can hold down just the Ctrl key to get the convert point tool. Ctrl+shift allows me to convert a point and constrain the direction in which I can drag the new handles. Releasing these keys returns me to the Direct Selection tool.

    My guess is that if I can create any of the key combination plus click shortcuts, I can do them all. I tried on the demo, but could not make the desired changes. Barry in Adobe Sales assures me that I can make the changes I want within the full version, but I
    thought I'd ask you folks first. And I am always wary of customer service (not tech support) people who say yes without actually trying (or sometimes comprehending) the thing I wish to accomplish.

    If anyone has the time or inclination to follow this up, I will be most grateful.

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