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  • For those who love to use Actions

    I have not used this, but I thought some people might like it. Common photographic techniques are packed into ready to use actions.
    Although I don't think any one action can work for every image, these would be a good way to learn the steps involved for correcting specific problems.
    "Brings professional quality results to digital photographers by simplifying Adobe Photoshop, image processing tasks. "

    BTW, if you do want to buy it, it's on sale now for $99 (regularly $199)
    In case anyone is wondering, I have no affiliation with this company.

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    Thanks for posting the link, Vikki. From what I saw, it would be very hard for someone like myself to justify even the on sale price. If I did several images per day, that might make a difference. But it's only a hobby for me, and I think I'll just stick with the manual option. It might be worth a consideration for others, though.



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      I agree with Ed, the $99 is a bit pricey for something one could record anyway and I dont see how they can justify a price tag of $199. The examples could almost be achieved with just a soft light overlay or with a xero lineart layer in soft light mode. If you haven't tried this you should the change can be quite dramatic and Xero is Free or at least only a donation if you feel inclined.



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        As an amateur, the motive for me is the fun of doing things manually. For the pros out there, the results shown on site were easily and quickly acheivable by anyone with even moderate skills, therefore the cost/time benefits would be hard to justify for all but those with a very high turnover. Simply put, it's too expensive and not good enough.


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 My Action Sets for sale as well as some free ones in the downlaods area.

          Fred Miranda also offers Action sets for sale and there is a package called dSLR Tools by Noel.

          Found link for Fred's.. don't have one for Noel's..

          All of the above are much less $$ (anywheres from $5 to I think $25 for a set) then the Photogia set. I can speak for my own actions working very well and many on the net speak very highly of Freds and Noels sets.. I have never used their sets but have seen work done with their sets.. and the results are fantastic.. Frankly I find it hard to believe anyone is going to purchase Action Sets at ~$100


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            Thanks for your help

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