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    I have PS7 and downloaded a demo of PScs. Found out it won't work on win98se, only win2000 and xp. Why such a narrow os usability? Are there any of the plugins, or actions or anything that will work on win98? I liked the look of some of the special effects of cs.

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    Originally posted by Kass45
    I have PS7 and downloaded a demo of PScs. Found out it won't work on win98se, only win2000 and xp. Why such a narrow os usability?
    You've probably heard this time and time again, but it's still true: 98 is considered a dead OS by the manufacturer - no one makes new software or drivers for it. From a programming POV, it is very difficult to to make an app work for multiple OSs without throwing in the possibility of OS-specific bugs. 98/ME was a 16-bit OS, 2K/XP are 32-bit OSs. 64-bit versions of Windows are currently in development for release w/in a few years. Limiting the development of an application to a single style of OS greatly increases the stability of the app.

    Honestly, Win2KPro and XPpro are much more stable than 98/ME - you will probably need a new computer as the old system will probably not be powerful enough to run the OS (and the hardware may not be compatible). This is the nature of the computing world. As someone who works in the IT field, I update my systems as I can, but usually get new machines every 2 years. People who are working graphics professionals should realistically upgrade their computers throughout the lifespan of their systems, but keep in mind that they should get new hardware every 2 to 3 years (to keep up with the current software releases, etc).


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