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  • 48bit scanning

    I'mnot sure if this is the right the right place for this question but I'll ask any way.
    I recently tried to scan some images at 48 bit rgb. i'm using a epson2400 photo scanner . My problem is, if I scan the photos and save them directly to the hard drive (as a jpeg) then open them in photoshop cs, photoshop converts them to 24bit. if I use the import command in ps and save them as a psd. file then the 48 bit file is preserved. Is this a problem with my scanner software or a setting in ps?
    thanks dennis

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    I don't think JPG supports high-bit, but regardless it's contradictory to use a format that discards color information to store high-bit information. That's one of the several reasons why JPG is a poor choice for scanning.
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