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  • cendres
    In the trial version I have, it has a setting that says "adjust image resolution for professional quality printing 300 dpi" There are also other settings for lower resolutions. I am sure it interpolates it or something. What I can tell you is that I printed out an 8 x 10 of the sample file I attached and it came out real nice. The sample I linked to was resized down to 640 x 480 for my website.

    Doug I would recommend downloading the trial version and give it a spin. They give you about 50 photo objects to try. I have not seen the catalog that shows all different images they provide, but these will give you a taste.

    I'm glad Ed gave me the reminder on ordering thru amazon via Retouch Pro.

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  • Ed_L

    I can't comment on the software, but I thought I'd mention that if Santa does bring it to you, be sure to tell him to go to through a link from this site. Every little bit helps.


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  • Doug Nelson
    I don't have them, though I looked at the box in the computer store. Seemed from the specs that they were too low-rez for restoration. Was I mistaken?

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  • Vikki
    I have the Photo Objects. I got it either last year or the year before. I haven't used it a lot, but I've never had a problem. Although, I did check their site a while back and got a patch or update.
    Nice job on the steam roller! I thought it was part of the original photo.

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  • cendres
    started a topic Hemera Photo-objects

    Hemera Photo-objects

    Just curious to see if anyone in the group has bought Hemera Photo objects. This program gives you 50,000 photo objects that are royalty free. From what I can see, this could be helpful to me on some of my manipulation projects. All the photo objects are put on a transparent layer some include drop shadows, others do not.

    I read on user reviews that there are some problems with crashing on their volume 2 edition. Has anyone tried this program or the first edition? Christmas is coming... and it may be on my list.

    Ill post a link to a project I did with it (trial version). The cement roller is one of the photo objects (excluding the driver, I put him in there) The background is a pic I took of Michigan Ave. in Chicago.

    Take care - Carl

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