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  • Photoshop 6.0.1 Users

    This might be of interest for those with the latest upgrade......

    Improving Performance and Troubleshooting

    The following sections describe how to improve your system's performance when working with Adobe Photoshop 6.0.1, and how to correct some common problems which may occur. For up to date information on optimizing Photoshop performance, refer to document #318243 in Adobe's Technical Solutions Database, "Optimizing Performance in Photoshop for Windows", available online at
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    I keep getting an error 404 message when I click on that link. Sounds like a good link to have too.


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      Are you registered on the Adobe site, I am so perhaps it let me in via a cookie. Worth registering lots of material on there. How are you getting on with the newsgroups ?


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        adobe site registration

        You're correct Chris, about the registration on the Adobe site being the difference between a good versus dead link. isn't enough to have your Adobe programs registered, or even enough to have an "Adobe ID".
        You must register for their "Expert Center" starting here:
        Expert Center
        It's quick--quicker if you'ver register your Adobe products and have an "Adobe ID"
        A helpful ----even LIFE-SAVING advantage of registering your products with Adobe is the fact that if ever you must reinstall a program and discover you've misplaced your serial #, head for Adobe and to your "Registration List" page--all/any of their products you've registered with Adobe are listed complete with serial number.


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          Yes, I get on the Expert Center. Maybe it doesn't recognize members going through that way. Who knows. But at anyrate, I get alot of info from that site. If you want to know about a product, I say go right to the horses mouth. Who would know better than Adobe. Thanks for thinking of us though.


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            I think the Adobe backup for their products is the best on the web from a big player.


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