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  • Digital Thanksgiving

    One of the things I have come to love about photoshop is the use of actions. There is a nice website called actionxchange where there are thousands of actions you can download. Here is a link.

    The link below will take you to something I did with an action called "natalie's sketch"

    My wife takes great pride in decorating the dinner table for special holidays like Thanksgiving. I always told her they are her own little "works of art"

    I thought I would turn this year Thanksgiving table into one...

    I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving - Carl

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    Your wife's "Table Art" is truly lovely, and you did a wonderful job of artistically recreating it. One statement and one question:

    Your wife has a lot to be thankful for, with a husband who notices and cherishes the special touches she adds from love.

    Where's the turkey?!

    Thanks for the link! I've been meaning to work on some actions.
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      Wow, that turned out really cool! Love how the crystal turned out. She did a beautilful job on the table settings also.

      Same sentiments to you and your family on the holiday also. I think this year Thanksgiving took on a special meaning for all of us.


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