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    Thought some of you guys might be interested in a really useful little tool called Pixie, a freeware colour picker offered by which is a tiny program (less than 100KB) but so handy for finding out Hex, RGB, CMYK codes etc. for colours you see anywhere ... really meant for web designers but also useful for anyone working with colour.



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    Thanks Sam
    How did you come across this? It says it's for Windows but now that I have the new machine Windows XP came with it so I wonder if it will be ok with it? I would love to check it out.


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      Can't remember where I found out about this, but it's come in jolly useful over the year or so I've had it. I'm sure it'll work on WindowsXP - didn't think to see whether it was Mac-compatible.



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        It only lists Windows as the platform so Mac users are out on this. I would imagine there is something like this in the Mac format but where I don't know.


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          As I recall, the Mac has a quite elegant color picker built into the OS. Any Mac-ites reading this to confirm or deny?

          The system-wide support of color and color calibration is one of the reasons Macs are so widely embraced by the design community.
          Learn by teaching
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            I fell totally in love with the price. But what would you use it for except to pick colors from a program other than Photoshop? I'm sure there are uses, but ya gotta lead me by the hand.



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