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    What are the advantages of psp9 to 7? Am I right in thinking it's awaste of time buying 9 as it dont have much diffrence at all? Or should I wait till verion 11 comes out LOL..

    Regards Barry

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    ... me again ....

    I'm repeating the 'move' procedure for the same reasons ....
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      I have psp7 and psp9 and photoshop 7 and painter 9

      Psp7 is better than psp9 i do believe psp9 was a waste of money!!!

      I really do not know why they keep bring numbers out on psp when its obvious that is will never compete against psp7.


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        Hello Legacy~Art Thanks for your reply I shall now keep my pennies for a rainy day I love photoImpact loads to learn with it I also have version 7 painter 7 not even heard of that one.

        Regards Barry


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          Barry I have PSP 8 and 9. I do think version 9 is better than 8.

          Jasc was bought out by Corel and rumor has it that PSP 9 will be the last version. Corel will try to integrate PSP features into their own products.


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            Hi Barry

            I use to have photoimpact 6 and i thought that was lots better than psp9. Yes save your pennies and go get the tutorials for p.i.


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              Originally posted by barry_uk
              What are the advantages of psp9 to 7? Am I right in thinking it's awaste of time buying 9 as it dont have much diffrence at all? Or should I wait till verion 11 comes out LOL..
              Regards Barry
              Do they still offer an evaluation version that you can try out for free? That might be worth looking into. I know for awhile I had version 8 and 9 installed together without them interfering.

              But PLEASE check first to see if that'll still work (both versions working side-by-side). I'd hate for you to clobber over your version 7 installation!


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                Yes, there is a demo you can d/l from the Corel site of PSP 9 for free. No, there is no plan do stop any development on PSP and integrate it into Corel's existing products. Corel plans on keeping PSP in production as its stand-alone bitmap editor. Photo-paint will stay as its integrated bitmap editor with Draw (which also is available as a downloadable demo)


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                  Every time I think I'm learning something about PhotoShop, someone throws a new term in to confuse me LOL

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                  Any tyhoughts??

                  Can PS actions and such be used with PSP??
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