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  • NAPP Members???

    I was just wondering if any of you are members of NAPP- National Association of Photoshop Professionals. If do you like it and is it worth the $100 to join?

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    I have been member for about three years and find it well worth the money. Been to both the seminars which are great bargins. Also have quite a few of the tapes. Very good quality. The web site can be helpful but is very slow. Mostly I look forward to Photoshop User mag. Very good reading. Hope this helps.



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      One more comment. Keep in mind this is more a business then an organization so expect ads and hipe. I have not found their special buying power prices to be the lowest but the product reviews can be helpful.



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        I'm starting my second year and I like it. With the membership you get a video on Photoshop and the full year of the Photoshop user magazine which has lots of tips and tutorials. I went to one of there seminars and I really enjoyed that also. I have had problems and the help desk on the NAAP site was very quick to respond and very knowledgeable. I also like their tutorials on their site but I too haven't used the discounts. It's hard to really say what is worth it to one might be a waste of money to another. It's worth checking into at least and see what they offer.


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          From NAPP's website: "NAPP's (Photoshop certification) testing will test you on your ability to create Web graphics, or Print graphics, at an absolute expert level. If an employer hires a NAPP Certified Web Expert (CWE), that person will be an absolute expert in the preparation of Web graphics, and could go to work immediately on a Web team."

          I'm not certain whether NAPP's planned certification process will successfully compete with Adobe's, but if it does and you're planning on employment in the fields of web design or graphic design, I believe that NAPP would be a good investment. If you're a serious hobbyist and want to learn a wide range of Photoshop skills, it could be quite useful also.
          I've been a member for just a year and am planning to renew. Photoshop User magazine is the main reason I joined - it's very useful and readable (will be more useful when I upgrade to PS6). I haven't attended one of their big seminars yet, but hope to make the next San Diego show. For web design or graphic design, NAPP offers a good deal of useful help and information. **Note: For retouching/restoration skills/knowledge, this website is the best.


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            I am not a fan of NAPP, for several reasons.

            A membership is meaningless unless there are barriers to entry and consequences to loss of membership.

            NAPP is more correctly a subscription. Anyone who can pay, belongs for as long as they pay.

            Plus Kelby promotes an intolerant atmosphere I find hard to take. He calls it "Mac fanaticism", but hate-speech is hate-speech, no matter how trivial, and "only teasing" doesn't hack it.
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              Thanks guys for the quick response. I ordered the membership. I have been to a seminar and also have seen the Photoshop User mag....both of which I really liked. I'm Mac to the bone, so I don't mind Kelby's approach to all originated on the mac......but that's a different topic for a different board


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