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    made an error .
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    I looked at that page for GIMP but i couldnt work out what i was suppose to download so i didnt anyone got any ideas which one i am suppose to be going for?


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      I looked at the GIMP page as well. I think the preconpiled version binaries)is what you want : then go to download. This is for windows. For Mac there are a number of sources including
      I did not actually download but think this is correct.
      Have a great weekend everyone!
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        Margaret that is really very kind of you for helping, i am now downloading the mirror and then the program, much appreciated i do hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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          And for those who can't get use to Gimp interface:


          Look for 'GIMPshop for Windows' to get windows version.

          Also some good plugins:

          Sort of like Neatimage plus more

          Some nice ones here
          Martin Mgger plugins

          Like this one especially 'Smart Remove'


          Main Gimp Plugin Repository


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            You know that after this thread was re-activated, ...

            ...that I had to add my take to it.

            Some additional info started on DPR's Retouch forum.

            For those confused with installing GIMP, it's not that difficult. You already have the links. Just download and install the GTK+ for the version of GIMP you are going to install first. Then install GIMP. This is an extremely powerful tool with features that do not exist in PS (of course PS has features not available in GIMP either, that's why I tend to use both). Watch out PS when GIMP finally will work with 16-bit images. SIOX and other fantastic features also makes my favorite image editor an exciting prospect.

            If you want to go beyond 16-bit (32-bit to be precise), then check out CinePaint (formally FilmGIMP). This one I'm following closely. When they finally clean out the bugs/issues with Glasgow, there will be a Window's version available.

            And to carpman, I've not looked at Resynthesizer for a long time. Obviously they improved the speed which is a good thing. The smart remove Script-fu if fantastic (man I could have used this recently). Thanks for the link.
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              Hello, been looking at what 2.4 has in the offereing and Gimp in moving forward very nicely, soon as they get cymk and good pre-press support then PS users will not be able to ignore or dismiss Gimp as just a geeky software from *nix world.

              When i started using Gimp as opposed to PS7 i was still a windows users and did find it hard to get used to interface, but now i am linux only user (4 years) i am becoming more and more comfortable with Gimp especially as i now using it more and more and i get into photography.

              Here are some Gimp tutorials for photo work

              Gimp photo tutorials

              If there is not one already i may start a gimp resource thread in appropriate section


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