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  • PS6.5 or PS7

    Not to start rumors or anything, but the Macworld convention is next month (see Calendar) and popular opinion is that Adobe will be launching new versions of several of their applications there, including Photoshop.

    They've had a LOT of pressure put on them by the Mac community (which you probably are aware have a huge say in Photoshop development) because the current version doesn't play well with the new OS X Mac operating system. So, with that and the recent introduction of Windows XP, I'd say it's just about inevitable that we'll be seeing a new version.
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    Wait!! I haven't learned how to use 5.0 yet!



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      No doubt this one will not cooperate well with Windows, just to level the playing field. Tom


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        I knew I should have waited a while longer before getting 6. I always get the upgrade just before the new upgrade comes out.


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          I've seen and used the beta for OSX. It's got a ways to go before it makes it to "production" status. If they can iron out the bugs and speed it up before Jan.'ll be nothing short of a miracle. It sure is pretty though

          The new "browse" feature is really cool. It allows you to scan folders and view all thumbnails instead of clicking on a file to see a thumbnail.

          Still playing around with it.....


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