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  • IrfanView

    This isn't really a review, more of a heads-up.

    For Windows users, you really should check out IrfanView. This adorably quirky little program is incredibly handy. Not an editor like Photoshop or PaintshopPro or others like that, but a graphics viewer with some additional handy utilities. It reads and converts an incredible array of image formats, can do batches including conversion and renaming, and a huge array of other features.

    And it's freeware.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Well not many bites on this thread Doug. Agreed on IrfanView, one of the best free progs available.


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      Looks interesting, thanks. I go on this site atleast once a day and this one slipped by. I think there are threads that don't get seen. I think that is what happened here.


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        Fantastic program

        Irfanview's been my default 'jpg' viewer for several years. In my opinion, its best features are the fast fullscreen mode (hit enter, and tap space and backspace to move between pictures), slideshow mode (an automatic form of the former feature), and thumbnail view. Everyone I've ever shown it to still uses it...



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          Re: Fantastic program

          Originally posted by Tim Edwards
          Irfanview's been my default 'jpg' viewer for several years.
          Same here. It's fast, simple and small. I use it mainly for thumbnails and batch conversion. Haven't found a better image viewer yet.


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            I like this as well. Fast thumbnail generation is my favorite feature.
            The resample/resize features are reportedly one of the best out there.
            Although I use this, my number one, all time, must have, is ThumbsPlus.


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              Gee... I was reading this thread and thought what a wonderful program.... I'll have to check it out. Went to download it and found I already had it downloaded... Shows on my icons as Iview. I'd never really checked out all the features but have been using it a while. The main thing I'd enjoyed about it was that when it showed .gif files, it showed them animated if they were animated. That had previously been a problem for me as I'm a pack rat and save gifs and jpegs that I run across that I think I may use later in web design.


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                Hello All....

                First post to add a couple of great uses I've found .

                First Screen Shots. just click that keyboard key for them, open "Sir" IrfanView and go to edit..paste.
                You can easily crop, starting the selector at the upper left corner & bringing it to where ever you want.

                Second....Just did this last nite, I'm so proud. You can tell that I am very very new to computers and love learning everything...

                I found a web site, that had a great Flash movie with sound of the wailing of the sea. So I created a new folder "Flash" and then dragged a copy I found in my C:\WINDOWS\Temporary Internet Files (using Explorer). into the folder. Opened it with "Sir" IrfanView and he played it over and over for me. Then I saved it.

                Wow... And to think this young man has given it to hundreds of thousand users FREE! I wrote and told him "Thank you!"

                I use it also frequently for resizing, beats anything else I tried.


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                  Welcome aboard and thanks for the review. Sounds like you really like it. I checked it out and downloaded it but haven't installed it as of yet but your post has me curious. Thanks. I look forward to hearing more from you in the forum.


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                    DJ Dubovsky

                    Thank you for the nice "Welcome".... I'm still reading all the great threads here..

                    Have PS6 and can't do anything in it yet...Looking for help at the very basic level..


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                      You're welcome. Hey, if you need help all you have to do is ask. Start a thread asking for specific help and someone will come to your rescue. You may wind up getting more answers than you expected. I can sympathize with you on Photoshop 6. It's like learning a whole new ballgame sometimes. Good luck and call on us if you need help.


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                        Its definitely the best viewer out there.
                        AND FREE!

                        I've been using it for years.



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                          John, I tried it once and was puzzled by how it changed all my icons and they all kind of looked alike. I mean like jpeg, gif, tif.
                          Is this something I did wrong installing it? If it is I'll try it again.




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                            Yea, if you choose to associate your images types with Irfanview on install, the icons will change to "custom Ifranview" icons like with most programs you choose to associate file types with.

                   can easily change the icons in windows if you go to tools> folder options> file types.
                            ....that way you have total control.

                            hope that made a little sense.


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                              Thanks John. That was a quick response. I'll try it again.



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