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  • GimpShop ... The Gimp gone Photoshop

    i was recently watching tech tv's 'The Screensavers' (now called Attack of the Show). this was a week or two ago. they had a short release and review of a conversion of 'The Gimp' into this new thing called Gimpshop. the hack basically takes the Gimp's interface and changes it into something more resembling Photoshop's. One of the complaints about the Gimp was that it was somewhat clumsy to use, ergo, the hack.

    for those that may not know what The Gimp is, it's an open source, yes, read that as FREE, paint and graphics program. it's been around for some time and is a fairly good paint program. it's not quite a photoshop, but it's got quite a few good features....and did i mention, IT'S FREE! thus, so is Gimpshop!

    i dont currently have the link to hand, but a google search of Gimpshop shld find it ok. when it first got announced, the servers were jammed for a couple of days and you couldnt download it, but it shld be ok now that the rush is over.

    now, bear in mind, this hack did NOT add any new functionality to The Gimp. it's simply a re-arrangement of the layout. so, dont expect to get photoshop here. but, it's quite possibly the best FREE paint program you can find, and for those used to photoshop or those wishing to learn techniques and an interface similar to photoshop, perhaps in preparation to buying and using photoshop later on, this is your program.

    and i think i mentioned this already.... it's FREE!


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    Used to use older version of Gimp Win.
    The only problem I had with it is that Script Fu kept crashing.

    The newer Gimp Win didn't crash, but I didn't really push it too hard.
    (I just checked and apparently I uninstalled it for some reason.)

    Might give GimpShop a run later this week.
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