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  • Photo Calendars - commercial offering

    I recently struck up an e-mail chat with Jim Schwarzbach, owner/operator of Jim's Photo Lab and had a chance to eyeball his Photoshop action-based calendar creation offerings.

    For more information see:
    Note: Jim is in the process of moving from his "old site" to "new site." Follow the links as noted.

    This package is intended for photo labs or serious amateurs looking to generate additional income by offering unique products. The costs are low in terms of supplies and labor overhead.

    Although the initial cost is not trivial, under the right circumstances the time to recoup the investment could be relatively short and the potential for significant returns high, especially as the holiday season approaches.

    While you might be able to develop your own methods, the time and effort to come up with a polished package such as this one would be considerable.

    This offering certainly isn't for everyone, but it might be for you.

    For more info contact:

    Jim Schwarzbach
    Jim's Photo Lab
    6600 North Mesa
    El Paso, Texas 79912
    (915) 587-7070

    - - - - - - -


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