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  • Color correction software

    Someone might find this of interest:

    This is a screenshot of the results of the trial download of a reasonably useful auto-color-correction utility I found.

    I don't consider the result a completely finished correction or re-touch, BUT, it only took a couple of clicks to get reasonably close color. When the starting pic is not as far gone, one can get very good results with a couple of clicks, and it seems to do a great job on ordinary color shifts.

    More often than not, you will have to tweak a little bit to fit your own agenda---but this one gets you close in a hurry

    If nothing else, it seems to be a timesaver.

    the website for the download is:

    wof 43

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    I have been using this plug-in since it first came out, now up to version 3.0. Most of my photos are Nature (Landscape and Wildlife) and I use this plug-in to set the netural color in the image, the white and black point, make the color changes to the sky and foliage if needed, increase the brightness and contrast if needed to get the photo where I can start doing detailed work with the regular editing tools. I especially like to use it to correct skin colors if needed in photos I am working on.

    I find myself using it almost every day. You can do everything the plug in does using the regular editing tools. The main reason I like it is that I can do in just a few minutes with the plug in what would take a lot of time using the regular editing tools and it is easy to use.



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