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Saving jpg in Elements 5

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  • Saving jpg in Elements 5

    I am new to Elements 5 and this forum so hope that someone can help please. If I open an RAW file (Nikon .NEF) everything works well until I want to save the finished result as a .jpg file. "Save as" gives me a list of extensions but not JPEG i.e. *.jpg. It does give me the option of JPEG 2000 but these are saved with an extension of *.jpf.

    On the other hand, if I open a *.jpg file, the "Save as" list now includes this as an option. It seems a bit strange and I be very grateful if someone can throw some light on the subject.

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    Re: Saving jpg in Elements 5

    You are opening the image and then saving it with componeents that are not compatible with JPEG. For example, if you are opening the image to 16-bit and trying to save as a JPEG, the JPEG file type will not support 16-bit color. Elements knows what file types should be available based on the characteristics of the currently open file, and it will only offer the correct options. You can work around this by choosing Save for Web.

    HOWEVER, I would not be saving to JPEG to store files! JPEG is a convenience format that produces small files, but it is not best for archiving/saving. If you make changes to an image save all layers and save as a PSD, TIFF or other file format that supports additional information so you can adjust the changes in the future. If you save to JPEG, you will expose the image to JPEG compression each time you save, and the quality will degrade with each save.

    I hope that helps!


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      Re: Saving jpg in Elements 5

      Richard, thank you for resolving my problem, and so quickly. I don't often save in JPEG but there are occasions when I do so with a "snap" type of photo that I know I will not work on in future.

      Finding your web site and this forum is going to be invaluable in my attempts to develop my skills. Thanks once again to you and anyone else who responds to my question.


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        Re: Saving jpg in Elements 5

        I'm quicker these days as I actually get my notifications. I found out they were going to some storage folder for whatever reason.

        JPEG is not a dirty format, I just wnat to be sure that you are using it for the right thing.


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          Re: Saving jpg in Elements 5

          I am having the same problem. I have the same program on two computers. I downloaded the same pictures from the same card. I was able to convert nef to jpeg on one computer and not the other. Also, save to web action works , but when converting multiple pictures it is very time consuming.


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            Re: Saving jpg in Elements 5

            What happens when you attempt to open the image on the second computer? is it possible that you are missing the RAW plugin on that computer?


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              Re: Saving jpg in Elements 5

              The image opens the same and I am able to work on it. The problem is when I try to save the work to jpeg format. I tried :
              1 File -save as- (only jpeg 2000 ,psd, tiff, and other formats) jpeg 2000
              work,but very time consuming
              2 X out of work and prompted to save - same formats offered,no jpeg
              3 go to full edit and make changes - same formats offered, no jpeg
              It's very frustrating and I'm about to uninstall/install program, but not sure if it will erase pictures saved in picture project file.


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                Re: Saving jpg in Elements 5

                I now tried to repair help
                uninstalled/installed help


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