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  • Editing workflow

    Since my camera only produces jpg images (Canon Powershot S5-IS) Is it better to batch convert original images to tif files prior to editing? When complete should the result be saved in tif, jpg or both. I'm using PS elements 6 on a Mac. Thanks for your suggestions.
    john sr

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    Re: Editing workflow

    Ideally you don't want to pull up the jpeg file, edit it and save it back as a jpeg ... but a tif. Theoretically you lose a little information when you resave the jpeg back as a new jpeg. I, however don't do this. I pull up the jpeg, edit it and save it as a jpeg. I'm sure if I continued to do this to the same file I would eventually see a difference with the original. To date, I never have. For shots I consider important and special I do save as a tif, but those are rare. Never save back on top of the original jpeg. Tif files are just too large to save everything as a tif.
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      Re: Editing workflow

      Thanks. I had tried a few experiments and I couldn't see any difference in the appearance of the photo only a small loss is size after many saves. The nice thing abut a Mac and IPhoto is that it always has the original file plus I usually burn the originals to a cd right after downloading.
      john sr


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