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Selective color in PSE6

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  • Selective color in PSE6

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a selective color plugin available for PSE6?

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    Re: Selective color in PSE6

    If there is one, I don't know, but I would be interested.
    Assuming what you want is to select a given color in an image and change its properties, you are left with the two usual available tools. The hue/sat/adjustment layer lets you target a given color, red for example, tweak the tolerance with the bottem sliders and then change hue, saturation or lightness.
    Otherwise there is the magic wand which makes a selection based on color.
    You probably already know those tools, but you may want more flexibility.

    You could try building a mask based on color. Here is my way:
    - select your color with the color picker to make it the foreground color.
    - add a 50% grey solid color in luminosity mode (shows only the color without lightness)
    - duplicate it, change it to the foreground color and set blend mode to difference
    - add a hue sat adjustment layer with sat -100%
    - add a levels adjustment layer and move the sliders until you are satified with the selection
    - file/duplicate with flatten image checked

    Your mask in ready. You can copy it and paste it into any layer mask in your original file (all adjustment layers created above should be deleted now).
    Working with masks is more flexible, you are not limited by changes in H,S,L, but you can work with noise, sharpening, texture etc.


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      Re: Selective color in PSE6

      Can't say I am familiar with the limitations of PSE. Maybe, just maybe, this will offer something that can help or be incorporated:

      Selective Colour Hue Masks


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        Re: Selective color in PSE6

        You can work with the tools and techniques I created for Elements users to isolate color. As far as having a selective color 'tool', I don't distribute that specifically...but then I am also not sure it is a good idea. If you make other corrections for general adjustments of balance and dynamic range, generally most selective corrections take care of themselves.


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