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    Hi, I have been away for a while. I have the hidden power book and CD of tools for elements 4 but now I have elements 6. I see there is no book for v6 but there are tools you can download for free and tools you can purchase. Should I throw away the book for v4 and the CD of tools? The book was real hard for this amateur to follow, it took me forever to create the channels from the 87 steps in the book, that maybe why I have not been using the tools much while I did have v4

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    Re: returning to this site

    hi mickey,

    i'm moving this to the elements forum where it shld get better attention.


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      Re: returning to this site

      thanks Craig, I found the forum I should be in (it's a sub-forum) I have to learn to navigate this site. I belong to two other sites which are exclusively elements.


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        Hidden Elements review issue on
        by Gary_Berg
        I found this comment in the listing for the HPPE3 book:

        "Richard Lynch, the author, states in the Introduction that "One of the most important parts of this book is the collection of Hidden Power tools provided on the CD. *** These Hidden Power tools will enable you...
        07-17-2005, 01:18 PM
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        Does the HPE 4 book will apply to Elements 5.0?
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        I've been using Elements 5.0 for a while now and having discovered this forum I now read that Richard's HPE 5.0 book isn't likely to be published, although is it safe to assume that the 5.0 tools will be released?

        My question is how much of the HPE 4 book would be applicable to Elements...
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        The Hidden Power of PSE 5 book
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        Hi everyone.
        I'm also waiting for the book for PSE 5 to be published.
        I still haven't read all of the PSE 4 book though.
        I have managed to make the tools for the PSE 4 book run with PSE 5 without any difficulties. The thumbnails for the tools are missing in PSE 5, but I can live...
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      • rolandhh
        Will there be a Hidden Power book for PSE 5?
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        Hi there!
        The Hidden Power book for PSE 5 was at first scheduled for release in dec 2006, then in january 2007. The book is still not published. It seems that the author, Richard Lynch, is occupied with other projects, that are probably of greater importance.
        Meanwhile the time is running....
        08-10-2007, 02:21 PM
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        The New Hidden Power Book (and Tools) for Elements 4
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        Adobe has thrown another wrench in the works for Elements 4, and I've been spending a very long time on making everything work again. I have just completed the writing, so the book should be out in a few months (February). I will have the tool set complete in the beginning of January...this time with...
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