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Replacing A Feature Removed With Magic Wand

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  • Replacing A Feature Removed With Magic Wand

    Hi everyone. I finally figured out the best way to achieve a pure white background using Photoshop Elements 13. I used the magic wand and a mask to remove the subject from the background and replaced the background with a pure white one. The problem is that one feature of the subject blended in with the original background and the magic wand removed it. I need that feature back but I don't know how to do it. I need a fast way to do it, not a 20 minute editing session. The white background took me just seconds to achieve (yes literally), not 10 - 20 minutes like all the other tutorials I found out there in internet land. There has to be a solution to bring back features accidentally lost without losing the white background or reversing the editing or taking half an hour to do it. My subject is clothing that I put on white mannequins, then I photograph them on a white background. All that white makes it easy for the magic wand to differentiate between the clothing and the background. The background still shows up a slight gray, thus the editing with the magic wand and mask. The mannequin gets removed which is exactly what I want and what's left is a beautiful floating garment with an invisible lady filling out the garment and an ethereal white background. The straps on the garments is what also gets lost during the editing and I need them back. They are also white and blend in very well with the mannequins and the background. Can anyone help me please? Any good, efficient solutions? All advice is welcome even if it takes longer than 10 minutes. Thanks!

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    Re: Replacing A Feature Removed With Magic Wand

    I forget, does Elements have layer masks? If so, you can just paint in black on the mask to replace whatever is missing.

    If not, duplicate the layer first before you do any removal, then you can copy any missing detail from the untouched layer.

    But it sounds like you are using this as part of your job, in which case it should be easy to cost-justify the $10/month for the full version of Photoshop. This would give you not only access to all the tools you need, but you would also be investing in learning an industry-standard tool and not the cul-de-sac of Elements.

    Learning tricks and fast fixes is a false economy.
    Learn by teaching
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      Re: Replacing A Feature Removed With Magic Wand

      The best way to achieve this would be to heavily flag your background. I knew a couple people that worked for fashion labels dealing with stuff that for clothing brand websites. Even that stuff is typically pathed out, although if you do a lot of it you get pretty fast. The quickest way would be to do something like that here for that one section. If you hit the delete key when using the magic wand, just use a layer mask instead. Subtract a masked out selection from that. If you have a very steady hand and can handle smooth motion, you might just be able to use the brush tool (show alpha channels via the channels palette) on the layer mask itself. Hide the fill layer when doing so. Otherwise you'll make mistakes.


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