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How to change Default image size in PS Elements12


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  • How to change Default image size in PS Elements12

    Hi, when I scan a JPEG image into Elements 12, the file size is 8 wide inches x 24 high inches which is much too large to send be as an email attachment so my question is, how do I reset the default size of the a JPEG image that I scanned into PS Elements 12?

    Thank you

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    Re: How to change Default image size in PS Element

    It has nothing to do with PS. Read your scanner instruction. If you want to resize go to Image-resize


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      How to change Default image size in PS Element

      Thank you Tulack, I'll check out the settings on my Brother MFC-7460DN Multi-Function All-In-One printer.


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        Re: How to change Default image size in PS Element
        • After scanning the file save it as JPEG.
        • Open the scanned image in PS (File-->Open menu)
        • Go to Image menu -- >Image size (Adjust the document size as per the need)
        • After resize, go to File menu-- > Save for web option(Select JPEG) and reduce the quality