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How to assign or convert to a profile in PE?

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  • How to assign or convert to a profile in PE?

    In Photoshop you can assign a profile (ICC or ICM) to an image. You can also covert the image to a working space profile such as Adobe RGB. Is there a way to do this in PE1 or PE2?


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    You can make assignment of profiles in Elements. It isn't done the same as in Photoshop because some of the process is complicated by the way Elements wrests control from your hands. However, as I have outlined in my book ( The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2 ), you can work around this by changing the color management preferences while an image is open. This allows for both manual implementation of color profiling and the more automated sort.

    Hope that helps.


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      Is Hidden Power of PE2 only good with PE2 or it applies to PE1? I have PE1 and have no immediate plan to upgrade to PE2.




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        Hidden Power Works with PE1 & PE2

        I'm not Richard, but I own the book (great book!).

        It works with PE1 and PE2, on both PC and Mac.


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          Are you using PE1 or PE2? What' your experience so far? If you used full version of Photoshop before, how do you compare your experience/results of PE vs PS?




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            I started wtith PE1, and upgraded to PE2 when it came out.

            I've been working with it almost a year now, and it seems like I've just scratched the surface of what all can be done with it. I've worked on my own, along with getting several books that have really helped, noteably Richard's and "50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques", along with "Photoshop Restoration and Retouching."

            I never had PS, but from what I've read in magazines and forums, the results (unless you are do very serious work for magazines or other large-scale publication) seem to be the same. In fact, some things in PE (like photomerge) I have heard do not exist in PS (probably in the next version?). With what was in PE, along with Richard's disk and book, I feel that I can accomplish most anything that I want to do with photos. Maybe in 4-5 years I'll want more (though I doubt it).


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              Thanks for your reply. Is PE2 necessary with Richard's Book and CD or PE1 with his stuff is as good?




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                I have never tried it with PE1. However, I know from what's stated in the book and from other threads in other forums that the book and the CD are designed for use within both PE1 and PE2.


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                  Thanks Bob. I appreciate your help.

                  - Val


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                    I'm using Hidden Power with PE1. So far, I have found nothing that doesn't work with this version.

                    The book is much more than just instructions on using the tools; it is also explains the theory and processes involved, so that you understand what you are doing.

                    Don Oliver
                    [email protected]


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                      I am glad when people notice there is a book that goes with the tools!

                      It works with PE1 and PE2 on Mac and PC. The PE1 users actually get an extra tool for saving selections because they'd not have one otherwise.

                      If you need more info about the tools and what's in the book, there is a table of contents, and tool list on


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