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Difference between Photoshop Element 1 and 2?

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  • Difference between Photoshop Element 1 and 2?

    I used to use latest versions of Photoshop but turned to PE for simplicity.

    Is there a big difference between Photoshop Element 1 and 2? With all available actions installed in PE1, wouldn't the difference be really small? I'm trying to avoid the upgrade if the difference is insignificant. Please help.


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    What's Elements 2 Got?

    There are several additions to Elements 2, most of which carry over from the Photoshop upgrade from PS6 to PS7. The problem there is that many of the features for PS7 were most useful for long-time users (IMHO). In other words, there isn't a lot of stuff that they moved over that wasn't just an update. They added a Selection Brush...which is just another implementation of Quick Mask (you can get it in my free tools). The other interesting item is Quick Fix, but I haven't tested it and don't advocate it over more controlled corrections. There were lots of enhancements to existing features. Some people tell me they get a lot more from Hidden Power than the upgrade. One of the primary reasons for the update was apparently compliance with XP and OS X, but I don't know how much that really applies to Windows users -- I've not heard a lot of trouble being reported by XP users running Elements 1.

    Adobe has a complete reference for the changes that occurred, and I'd look at that to see exactly what you might be missing: Adobe Spec for New Features in Elements 2

    If you are REALLY curious and have a fast connection, you can also download a trial version and install that. It's a pretty big download. Adobe Elements 2 Tryout

    Hope that helps.

    Richard Lynch


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      Thank you for your response. I read Adobe's reference on the changes they made in PE2, but nothing looked really significant.

      I am interested in your Hidden Power book and CD. Is this package available some where to buy with PayPal?




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        I am interested in your Hidden Power book and CD. Is this package available some where to buy with PayPal?
        Amazon has a listing of the type of payment methods it can accept. Accepted on Amazon

        I recommend ordering the book through them because you get a great price and the author can make a few extra bucks. Order Here

        I do not sell the book or tools separately, but there is a free set of tools (mac and PC, Elements 1 and 2) on my website that includes some complementary stuff and some 32 other actions for text effects and frames.

        Does that help?


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          Thanks for your help. For now, I have decided to stay with PS7. If I change my mind, your book is certainly on the top of my list.




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