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  • Elements Dilemma?

    I'm not sure what to do. I am on a restricted budget. I want to get Elements and I also want to upgrade my scanner.
    I can get a CanonScan D1250 U2F scanner with Elements 1.0 included and Richards book for about the same price as Elements 2 by itself.
    I use Windows 98 and have a serious interest to learn photo restoration techniques. Would Richard's book and CD combined with Elements 1 and a good scanner be better than getting Elements 2 by itself? (Finances are limited!)
    All opinions are appriciated.

    John Craig

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    PS Elements 2.0

    Don't know if this helps.... but is selling Photoshop Elements 2.0 for $37 after $60 in rebates.

    Here is the link: Photoshop Elements 2.0


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      I appriciate the information. I am aware of the Amazon rebate but it is my understanding that the Adobe $30.00 rebate is only good if you have a previous version of their product. I have photoimpact and PSP but I don't think Adobe will rebate for these programs.

      John Craig


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        Tough call, but I think I'd go with the scanner with Elements 1 and Richard's book. Getting a good scan is the first step in any restoration. You might want to read this thread about the differences between Elements 1 & 2.

        The one caveat here is that I'm not familiar with Elements since I do all my work in Photoshop 7, but I think you will be happier with a good scanner than the additional features in Elements 2 if your goal is photo restoration.



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          Thanks for suggestions!

          This is just an update to thank everyone for their suggestions. I got PSE2 and have ordered a couple books to ease the learning curve for using the software. I have the elements book by Mikkel Aaland and am anxiously waiting for the book by Richard Lynch to arrive by mail.
          A new scanner is still in the back of my mind but the old Visioneer is still adequate.



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            what are you using the scanner for, and what is it you might hope to gain from getting another? Perhaps a little discussion can help you determine if you really need one or not.


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              I have attempted to restore a few family photos using a Visioneer OneTouch 5300. All of the photos were black and white. The scans turned out really good but the scanner interface allows very little adjustment prior to scanning. I am wanting a relatively inexpensive scanner that allows more optional user settings prior to scanning. The only settings I can adjust is dpi and "quality".



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