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simulating [ctrl][alt][~] PS shortcut in PSE

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  • simulating [ctrl][alt][~] PS shortcut in PSE

    First of all, if Richard is reading this, I bought your book about a week ago "The Hidden Power of PSE2" and just loving it. Since then, I'm almost exclusively using my PSE1 (i have the "try out" version of that's helped me learn all about actions, recording them, analyzing them, etc.). The thing I love most about the book though is the theory behind everything you delve into. That's greatly appreciated! Much better than a simple "cookbook" that shows stuff without giving background info.

    Anyways, back to my question. In PS6 there is a shortcut that selects highlights in an image...the shortcut is the following simultaneous keystrokes: [ctrl][alt][~]

    I notice this does not work in PSE. Is there a way to simulated it?


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    That would be a selection based on brightness. While there is no way to do this in Elements, there is a way to do it with Hidden Power tools. Slightly more involved...but note the result will be exactly the same. If you do it a few times, it won't take you long.

    1. Duplicate the layer you want to base the selection on. Call it Negative.
    2. invert (Cmd/CTRL+I)
    3. Click the Transparent Grayscale tool. This will clear the layer based on what was previously the lightness -- which is now Negative, and will create a new layer. Name the layer Highlights. You can invert to have the highlights isolated and in the original color.
    4. Press Cmd/CTRL and click the Highlights layer to load the layer as a selection.
    5. Delete the Highlights layer
    6. Delete the Negative layer.

    This will leave you with EXACTLY the same result as pressing that key combination. I can automate that if you'd like...