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"Hello" from newbie with a creation

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  • "Hello" from newbie with a creation

    Hi there

    How exciting!!

    Just bought PE2 (first real venture into digital) and also Richard Lynch's book "Hidden Power PE2" (only read 2 chapters to date).

    The sensible part of me said to read the manuals etc etc, but the other side of me just couldn't wait to try some of this "arty stuff"

    Enclosed is an original shot of mine with an effect "A Painting from a Photo" from

    Some of the steps were a bit different to the PS7 tutorial but I think I managed OK.

    I couldn't however, do step 11 for the border, "using white and a non feathered big brush with 'wet edges'". Any clues for PE2?

    If you would like to see the original please let me know.
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    Welcome to RetouchPro --- Ah! the manual -- what manual !
    Let's get going already -- you have found a place with a wealth of tips --- better than a manual.

    I like what you submitted - what was the origianl image so we can see what you did.

    And if you did this without the manual -- wow VERY nice work! --- If you did this with the manual --- wow very nice work (LOL) -- hope to see more of your work here.

    BTW: not a PE2 person --- but we have PE2 people here to help you!
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      Welcome to RetouchPro swanphoto! I like your creation very much and it looks like the original image was a good one to work on.

      You are probably already aware of this, but we actually have an entire forum just for Richard's book...complete with Richard himself! It's located here. I'm not familiar with PE, but I would be willing to guess there are several people in that forum who could help you out.

      Glad to have you here with us!


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        Hey Swanie:

        Let me add my welcome, too.

        I don't have Elements, but I found this snipet on the net:

        "For example, when the paint brush tool is selected, the modifier bar allows you to choose brush shape and size, mode, opacity and wet edges," so it looks like this option is available.

        Any luck looking up "wet edges" in the PSE Help?

        I couldn't figure out which of Janee's many tutorials you're working from, but from the image it appears you'd want to create a new layer at the top of the layer stack and "paint on" the edges.

        Good question. Hope this gets you moving in the right direction.



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          Jill, Greg & Danny,

          Thank you very much for your kind words, encouragement and tips.

          Jill - Attached is the original. The hardest part was removing the large shadow. I enlarged the clone tool and cloned the shutters, then reduced the clone tool to redo the top of the window frame and the hinges (you can see the top right hinge is not perfect!).

          Greg - Yes, it was by logging into Richard's forum that I discovered this whole new world.

          Danny - Only ref to 'wet brushes' in PE help was for a Japanese style with rich black lines. Your tip re modifier bar helped. By using 'selection brush tool (A)' in the Tool Bar, then "show selected brush presets" in the modifie bar, I found 'Wet Media Brushes". Then by changing Mode from 'selection' to 'mask' I can now pick a color. I will have try it out now.

          The file path for Janee's tutorial is
 resources-Janees Tutorials- A painting from a photo.

          Thanks again
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            Greg was on the money - very good image to work with! Yes now I can see what you did --- very nice job!

            Thank you for posting the original for me to see, and the info for the tut you used.

            Hope to see more of your work here.


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