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Photoshop Elements acting up

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  • Photoshop Elements acting up

    I'm using PSE 2 on my iBook and usually it works fine - BUT - sometimes, like now when I have a deadline, it acts up.

    I opened a new document, set a selection box and did edit>stroke, and nothing happened although I could see a faint stroke on the thumbnail. I have the color set to black and stroke 2 px.

    I'm trying to set the size for 1/4 page so I can make a 4-up invitation.

    I shut down PSE and started again, this time, I can only get the hand cursor!! Clicking on other tools has no effect.

    At other times, I've not been able to zoom using the command-spacebar or option-spacebar shortcuts.

    What's up, is anyone else having these problems?? I've allowed all the updates to install but this has me befuddled.

    Thanks, Margaret

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    I'm sure someone who knows will post soon, but here's a page regarding the usual bits -- trashing the preferences file, and checking the Caps Lock key. Good luck on your job!

    Some Fixes for Photoshop Elements, PShop, etc.


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      Thanks CJ, I didn't know about trashing the preferences file from within PSE - that is helpful.

      Now that I have PSE working, I need help thinking what to say LOL

      Take care, Margaret