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  • Richard: asking for the Moon

    If you could program the Hidden Power window to act as a palette, meaning a double click on the top bar to minimize, that would be handy. It would be even greater if it was a pallette. I'm sure your turning Gray headed reading this, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks.

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    That would be about the area of the moon...or perhaps a little further. Part of the idea of hidden power is that it is not a plug-in or other add-on that has many potential conflicts and bugs. This is because it uses things that Adobe stuck right in the program. That means you don't have a lot of weird things going on (like crashing for no reason). The less I goof with that the more likely you all benefit from Adobe's strong beta testing program.

    Do keep in mind that the How-To tab will act much like you want if you put it in the palette well to the right of the options bar. You'd be able to click the tab to open it, and it closes to the well automatically (if the options for the menu are set to that).

    This help?


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      How To pallete

      Thanks for your reply Richard. The How To pallete was my answer and I never gave it a look. I use it frequently now.


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