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Image numbering??

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  • Image numbering??

    I am processing my first wedding with the 10D and software that came with it.

    My current problem is the order of the over 600 images.

    The images were in one order and then totally out of order after the transfer to Elements 2.0.

    I manually changed the number, which sorted fine in Windows, but then are in another totally different order in Elements.

    At this point, this time, I'd even cut and paste them in order, but can't even find that option.

    What do I do?


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    Many software programs will renumber, but the one that is the Fastest and Easiest is Breezebrowser at

    It also rotates jpegs with lossless rotation and has the quickest build on thumbs for viewing in the browser.

    It allows sorting on the date/time and blazzing renumbering

    What I do is transfer a flash card full, then renumber everything transfered to the date/time - then transfer the next flashcard - renumber it date/time, etc. When all images from the wedding are in the same folder I renumber 3 digits sorted based on the date/time info imbedded in the images.

    It might also handle Canon Raw, but I am not sure ...

    Good luck, Roger


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      Are you using Elements image browser? It has the option to sort by filename or several other criteria. Click on the little black arrow at the very bottom of the browser next to "Filename".
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        The images from my digital camera are named with consecutive numbers and therefore are in the right order. Photoshop elements wouldn't change the actual names of the files so they would always be in the right order if you sort by name.

        I made the mistake of renaming a series of images and had a devil of a time figuring out which came first.



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