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Hidden Power Tools: Layer mask tool problem

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  • Hidden Power Tools: Layer mask tool problem

    I have the book, "The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2," by Richard Lynch - wonderful book. I was especially interested in learning how to create a layer mask on any layer. I installed the Hidden Power tools in Photoshop Elements 2 but I am having trouble using the layer mask tool. I was hoping that this tool would automate the creation of a layer mask but I am having problems with it. Here is the problem. In the "How To," palette, I clicked on the Hidden Power Tab and then clicked on, "Add Layer Mask." As soon as I did that, a box appeared with the following, "The Command Make is not currently available." Perhaps I am doing something wrong or perhaps there is a problem with this tool. Could you please tell me why I am having this problem and how I can get a functioning tool to create a layer mask. (Other tools are working fine.) I posted this message directly to Richard on his web site, but it is not clear how soon he might respond there, so I am also posting the message here. Perhaps Richard or someone else who has used the tool may be able to help me.
    Richard Hirschman

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    My question here has been answered by Richard Lynch. It was my error. I was trying to use the layer mask on a background layer. That is why I got an error message.


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      Thanks for following up. Backgrounds indeed do not accept layer masks. To apply the layer mask to a background you have to convert it to a layer first by double-clicking in the layers palette.


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